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"Whenever I saw signs of colic, I would give it to them. They love it. I’ve started giving them some every 2 weeks now just to keep them cleaned out and healthy. I swear by this stuff!"


"I got my guy severely underweight. I pumped lots of good food with blue label to get the most out of that food along with keeping his digestive system good. Now he is a jam up heel horse still on noni blue and flex ice to keep his back feeling good. (And works on mine too)"


"Our favorite Forumla 1 Product is the Blue Label. My mare gets it every day twice a day. It has keep her joints healthy and strong and keeps her performing at her best!"



"One of the best kept secrets in horse racing therapeutics is Formula 1 Noni! Reliance Ranches is proud to endorse the Formula 1 Noni line and have definitely seen the benefits of keeping our racehorses on a Formula 1 Noni Regimen."

"We have all our horses on Formula 1 Noni, including High Brow Cat. If your horses are as important to you as ours are to us then Formula 1 Noni is cheap insurance. I even take it myself and love the way it has positively affected my overall health."

"We haul in the heat, the cold, and all conditions and Formula 1 Noni keeps my bulls fit and healthy. Bushwacker really looks good and performs well on it. Merlot Man put on 300 pounds after starting on it. Formula 1 Noni has definitely worked on my bulls."

"Keeping my horses healthy on the road is very important to me. I have added Formula 1 Noni to my feed program and I am very happy with the results that I’m getting! Having a good feed program that fits you and your horse is really important."